Employee Benefit Solutions to fit your Life


At ClaimsPlus Solutions we recognizes the struggle that small businesses face when trying to choose the right employee health benefits program. You want to provide a competitive, comprehensive package to your employees but want the costs to become manageable.

The ClaimsPlus program provides reimbursement or direct pay claim payment services for medical & dental expenses for employees and business owners.

Our offices are located in the Copperstone Building in downtown Berwick.

We provide complete employee benefit solutions for both insured and self funded programs.

Our direct pay drug cards and direct pay E-Dental services can be used at all pharmacies and dental offices.  Our mobile apps and online claim portal use state of the art OCR technology to process your claims and issue cheques or direct deposit quickly

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Healthcare Spending Accounts


A Healthcare Spending Account is a pre-determined amount of money provided to.



Our on-demand top up benefit program.  Low fees, and ease of use for owners and executive classes

Budgeted ASO


Plan funding using predictable fixed amounts, with fully transparent monthly reporting